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Life is hectic and schedules are impossible. Trying to squeeze a yoga class into your busy day and rushing to a studio ends up creating more stress in your life.

We make it easy and bring the yoga to you.

Your personalized, convenient private yoga program takes place in your Brooklyn home, with a weekly appointment at the perfect time for you. 

Private Yoga Brooklyn was founded by Emily Sussell in 2015. Realizing the need for quality in-home yoga lessons amongst Brooklyn's busy professionals, Emily shifted focus from group classes and began specializing in private sessions with individuals and couples.

Over the years we have worked with CEOs, doctors, lawyers, producers, psychotherapists, and so many more wonderful clients. We are pleased to create a space for professionals to restore physically and spiritually through yoga practice and return to their jobs, families, and personal lives feeling grounded, focused, and clear.


Emily Sussell, M.s. ed, personal yoga teacher


Emily is a native New Yorker. She grew up in TriBeCa, where at the tender age of eleven, her life changed suddenly and dramatically with the events of September 11th, 2001. Shortly after that devastating day, Emily's family made a new life and home in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. It was in Brooklyn at the young age of sixteen when Emily first found herself in a yoga class. After struggling with depression and substance abuse throughout her adolescence, Emily found refuge in embodiment and self connection through yoga practice that she hadn't realized she'd been starving for. 

Emily practiced yoga as a student for seven years before becoming a certified instructor in 2013. She has taught yoga to people of all ages from toddlers to seniors, and in all settings from homeless shelters to corporations and everywhere in between. Emily has trained in movement and healing studies with many wonderful teachers and mentors, and continues to practice as a lifetime student to this day.

Her training includes:


Coaching for yoga teachers 

Are you a yoga teacher needing help with growing your private practice?

Over the years as Emily established her thriving private yoga practice and filled it to capacity with clients, other teachers took notice and often reached out to her for help with learning the mindset and marketing skills necessary to build their own private yoga businesses.

Emily established her business of yoga coaching and mentorship institute offering educational resources, group coaching, and individual coaching programs to yoga teachers worldwide, empowering them with tools to thrive financially and become more impactful as healers.




Private Yoga Brooklyn travels to homes in:

-Park Slope

-Cobble Hill

-Carroll Gardens

-Brooklyn Heights

21 Douglass St 3
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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