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intuitive & skillful

“I wanted to create a sacred time for self care, to re-engage with my yoga practice after a 10 year hiatus, and work toward fitness and flexibility goals with first priority being quiet time and stretch. Emily has been great about meeting me where I am. We change the practice based on life factors. Her intuition and listening has helped us achieve this and make the most of the time. Emily is intuitive, caring, skillful, and hands-on with her teaching. She is adaptable and knowledgeable, meeting me where I am in spirit and practice. She is committed to helping me meet my goals and flexible along the way.” - Anne Marie, Executive Director

Stephanie Cowan photography

special & personalized

"Being new to yoga, I feel so fortunate to have found Emily as my private instructor. She eased me into the practice and subtly increased the difficulty as my abilities increased all while keeping the classes varied, interesting, and fun. I've witnessed a deeper connection with my body, increased flexibility, and a better mood as a result of my work with Emily. Her private instruction has been so special and personalized that I could not recommend it more highly. Thank you, Emily!" - Andy, Lawyer

Stephanie Cowan Photography

meditative & accessible

"Emily has a gentleness and genuine warmth that is evident in her practice and in the way she interacts with students. In Emily’s Yin Yoga classes, I have found a way to channel my energy from the need to be in constant motion to a place where I can create and value stillness in myself. She brings the intensity and meditative qualities of Yin into her flow classes which make them more accessible for me. I recommend Emily for anyone who wishes to develop a contemplative yoga practice." - Susan, University Professor

Stephanie Cowan Photography

compassionate & collaborative

"The best way I can describe Emily is a gentle soul who is compassionate and a great teacher of self-compassion through yoga. I have a back injury and health issue that has made participating in yoga group practice challenging and not worth the investment. Instead I have been practicing yoga with Emily at home, in individual sessions, which has greatly improved my lower back and leg strength and gave me the self-confidence to begin working out again. In just a few sessions, I already began to see great progress in my posture, stamina, and endurance and so did my physical therapist who Emily graciously collaborated with for input on which areas of my body profile to focus on. I highly recommend to anyone who is seeking restorative yoga or just to care for your body and mind health to give individual yoga practice a try and I promise you will be hooked." -Amy, Psychologist